Pest Control Newport

For All The Newport Areas, We Offer Effective Pest Inspection And Control Services

We can be your option for one of the local pest control companies that take any number of bookings for all pest control services. Make sure to keep your kids and pets away from bees, ants, wasps, possums, rodents, etc, once you book us and wait for our arrival. As we are local pest control experts from Newport, we reach your place within the time you expect us to. In fact, we have special local pest control Newport teams too. 

We can help you control borers, moths, flies, cockroaches, fleas, etc, with our pest control services. Oftentimes, pests like bees and wasps threaten your safety by being aggressive for no reason. So, to avoid such things, it’s better to go with professional pest control services. To avail of this, call us at 03 4050 7972

Necessary Steps We Follow To Make Property A Pest-Free Location

For issues such as pests and their entry into your homes, you cannot simply neglect their presence. Moreover, our pest control Newport team doesn’t want that. Hence, follow the necessary steps below to make your place pest-free. 

  • Inspection Of The Area: With all the education and training we have gone through, it is an easy task for us to do an inspection of the area. We check every corner of the infested area. 
  • Fumigation Or Fogging: If the severity of pests such as termites, borers, etc is already out of control, we fumigate the place. This way the whole place can get disinfected. 
  • Pesticides Spray: As one type of pesticide spray cannot be used for another one, we carry a number of sprays. So, instead, we save time by not going to and fro for finding the right spray all the time. 
  • Use Of Baits And Repellents: There are particular types of pests that need the use of repellents and baits. Hence, we make sure we always have them in our pockets for pest control treatment. 
  • Dead Pest Removal: We do dead pest removal with care and then sanitise the area. So, make sure to book a slot with us! 

Despite The Pest Infestation Severity, We Do Multiple Pest Control Service Types 

We are a pest control Newport team that specialises in providing many kinds of services for residential and commercial places. So, once you find any pest at your home, keep your distance from them and wait for our arrival. 

Cockroach Control

Besides Australian cockroaches, the common roaches you notice in Newport are German, oriental and brown-banded cockroaches. And despite there being several species of cockroaches in Newport, we do professional pest control services. 

Possum Removal

Saying no to possum infestation by following possum control tips doesn’t show a positive impact. So, grab our legally safe and pet-safe pest control services. 

Silverfish Control

The day you spot a live specimen of silverfish, you can confirm it as a sign of silverfish infestation and book our residential pest control service. All of our silverfish control services are qualitatively good and last long.

Borer Control

Although borers are not similar to termites, they have the same habitat conditions as termites because they live in wooden structures. Therefore, make sure to save your wooden items with our borer pest control Newport services. 

Moth Control

The common types of moths you find in homes are white cabbage moths, codling cabbage moths, carpet moths, white moths in the garden, etc. Hence, it is better if you go for residential pest control services once and for all. 

Flea Control

We have different control programs when it comes to offering flea pest control treatment and have notable achievements. So, if you want to move your lawn before our pest and insect control service, you can do it at least one week prior.

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are dorsoventrally flat and can travel through mattresses, linens, luggage, clothes, furniture, etc. So, instead of cleaning all these things, it would be a better decision to opt for bed bug control services. 

Wasp Removal

The nest types of wasps are ground nests, paper nests, mud daubers, etc and cannot be removed with DIY methods. What is an effective solution to remove wasp nests? Call for our pest exterminators and get wasp removal services! 

Ant Control

The presence of ants gives your hotel a bad reputation and makes your customers fearful and anxious. Hence, we provide you assurance with our commercial pest control services for ants. 

Spider Control

For crawling and hunting spider types, we inspect to install protection systems and for webbing spiders, we deal with other pest control services. So, get rid of the crawly spiders in no time with our specialist aid! 

Rodent Control

If you find rodents gnawing on your electrical wires, it can eventually lead to power outages or any other electrical issues. Therefore, save your bills from electrical repairs and instead look for pest control near me. 

Flies Control

If you see flies in your home but are not sure what type of flies they are, call us for an inspection of the area as we do take the cost of pest inspection. As soon as we are over inspecting the place, we customize a particular treatment plan. 

Bee Removal

To get rid of bees and their nests, we do bee proofing to the house and set up bee repellents across the infested areas. We relocate bee hives too at low pest control prices. 

With Our Pest Control Newport Services, We Serve Properties Belonging To Both Residential And Commercial Premises

As there are some special types of pests that particularly invade commercial places, we do commercial pest control service. In the same way, we do residential pest control services too. The places we fondly work for are:

  • Restaurants
  • Shopping malls
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Schools
  • Private homes
  • Kids healthcare centres and so on and so forth. 

We Are A Company In Newport That Provides #1 Pest Control Service Varieties 

We offer only non-toxic pest control services to keep your family’s health safe and sound. So, take a look at our effective local pest control services. 

Emergency And Same Day Pest Control

For pests such as possums, you need to look for a company that offers same-day and emergency pest control services. Because be it alive or dead possums, removing them safely by oneself is always a headache. So, call and hire our pest exterminator! 

End Of Lease Pest Control

Do you want to get your bond amount back without losing even a single penny? Then count on our pest control Newport controllers. To safely get back your bond amount, we offer end of lease affordable pest control service. 

Large Area Pest Infestation Treatment

Although rodents like rats and mice are small, they prefer to live in large areas and infest them respectively. Hence, for this sole reason, we came up with the idea of pest control for rats and mice by baiting them. Further, we provide large area treatment for all types of pests in Newport.

Eco-Friendly Pest Treatment For All Pests 

To keep not just human health safety and also consider the health of pets, we provide pet-safe pest control services. This way, if you hire us all you can expect from our side are eco-friendly pest control services. 

Termite Inspection, Control And Treatment, We Expertly Do Everything

To find the exact locations of termite mounds and their colonies, our priority is to inspect the whole infested area with thermal imaging cameras. Next, we plan termite pest control treatment by setting up termite barriers both physical and chemical. We use physical barriers like internal thermal barriers and install them around foundations, wall cavities, below concrete slabs, etc. When it comes to setting up chemical barriers, we install them under slabs and the foundation of the construction of ongoing homes. At the end of the barrier set up, we explain to you the preventive measures of termites and their colonies for future protection. 

Recognised And Fully Authorised  Pest Controllers For Professional Services

We are a meritorious pest control Newport team that is both recognised by locals and authorised legally. In addition to this, all of our experts are also certified and skilled for years now. Besides these, a few of our other reasons to hire us are: 

  • Commendable Team: We have commendable pest exterminators that clubbed into many different groups. So, our teamwork is highly praised as the best quality of ours by Newport locales. 
  • Reasonable Prices: At reasonable prices, we offer all types of pest control services and save you from hidden charges. Also, emergency pest control service comes at a reasonable price.
  • Approved Solutions: With the use of legally approved solutions by the state, we assure your health is safe. Moreover, your home is also safe post pest control treatment. 
  • Multiple Bookings: We accept multiple bookings for one pest and insect control service to two different places. In fact, for booking the slots, we work continuously throughout the day, 24/7 Hours! 
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection And Control: When you are busy with a newly-purchased house inspection, count on us for pre-purchase inspections and control for pests. Although inspection and pest control treatment is different, there is no addition of separate pest inspection costs. 

We also provide same-day curtain cleaningcarpet repair and carpet steam cleaning in Newport at an affordable price.


What tips can I follow to control pests before the arrival of your pest control Newport team?

A few pest control tips are: 

Clean standing water to stop pest breeding

Clean the kitchen top to get rid of food crumbs and spills

Avoid wearing pleasant smells and flowery fabrics as they attract bees and wasps  

Use a toilet cleaner to clean the pot regularly, etc. 

Do you offer obligation-free quotes and advice if I want to avail myself of pet-friendly pest control services?

Yes, we do provide obligation-free quotes and advice if you want to avail either pet-friendly pest control services or any other type of services. 

Can spraying for mosquitoes and spiders be of any help in getting rid of them?

Generally speaking, spraying for mosquitoes and spiders can be an over-the-counter and inexperienced pest control DIY method. Moreover, it can also be ineffective, and unsafe for kids and pets.