Rug Cleaning Newport

Professional Rug Cleaning Service Team In Newport 

Rugs tend to get dirty easily and they easily make your home uninviting. Moreover, dirty rugs pollute your indoor air and cause multiple allergies. Therefore, getting your rugs cleaned is crucial. Rug Cleaning Newport experts give your rugs proper cleaning and care. Moreover, with professional rug cleaning services, we properly clean your entire rugs. Therefore, by getting a deep rug cleaning, you can easily get rid of all the dirt and dust. Furthermore, our experienced team services the best amongst the various rug cleaning companies in Newport and provide all services at a very affordable price. 

Easy To Hire Same Day Rug Cleaning Solutions In Newport 

We are a team of local rug cleaners who give one-stop solutions for a complete cleaning service. Moreover, when you need emergency rug cleaning services, then you will be glad to know that we provide same day rug cleaning and emergency rug cleaning in Newport. Furthermore, Our experts have years of experience when it comes to rug cleaning services in Newport. Furthermore, we provide eco-friendly, reliable and affordable services. Dial the toll-free number to book your same-day rug cleaning services.

Our Available Rug Cleaning Services For The Newport Residents

Rug Cleaning Newport experts believe in treating your rug with attention and care. Moreover, we are certified to provide rug cleaning services in Newport. Here is the list of services we provide in Newport for rug cleaning 

  • Rug Steam Cleaning

With our powerful steam machine, we ensure to kill the unnecessary bacteria, mites and moulds out of your rug. Moreover, with steam cleaning 90% reduction in unwanted growth of fungi and moulds. Hence, for steam cleaning, you can simply book our services. 

  • Rug Dry Cleaning

Drying cleaning is extremely useful in winter. Especially, when you are experiencing allergies, you be sure there is dust and dirt accumulation on your rug. Furthermore, with our dry cleaning services, you can be sure to get rid of allergens and dirt. 

  • Rug Odour Removal

Are you suddenly experiencing a foul smell around your rug? Well, if yes then it’s time to clean your rug thoroughly and needs a deodorising treatment. Moreover, with our odour removal services, we make your rug feel fresh and get rid of all the nasty smells.

  • Rug Mould Removal

If you are experiencing a lot of mould on the rug and aren’t sure about how to get rid of it, then you need to book a mould removal service. Secondly, we help you get rid of all the fungi and moulds with our industry level extraction machine. Thus, helping you to prevent mould formation in future. 

  • Rug Sanitization

Sudden rise in dirt and dust give rise to allergies. Moreover, it causes various respiratory diseases. Furthermore, if you have pets then the furballs might accumulate on your rug which helps the dust mites and fleas to hide on your rug. Hence, rug sanitisation is crucial as it provides complete removal of all unwanted microorganisms from your rug. 

  • Rug Shampooing

Rug shampooing helps you restore all the colours to your carpet and remove all the dullness from it. Moreover, we use high graded technology to get rid of all kinds of stains. Hence, rug shampooing helps you restore your dull rug and get it looking new again. 

Rug Stains And Our Strategy To Remove Them

If you are facing any stain situation on your rug then the quicker you act on it, it will come out more easily. Moreover, do not use supermarket stain removals, as they seem to worsen it. So, in these situations, you can contact a professional for help. Secondly, our professionals provide excellent stain removal services. Moreover,  we deal with a variety of stains from bloodstains, puke, urine, wine, food and even nail polish stains, etc.

Our stain removal strategy involves using a mild but effective cleaning product and the right equipment for it. Furthermore, we use industry level tools to clean all the stains effectively. Additionally, if necessary we use our rug shampooing treatment along with steam cleaning to completely get rid of the stains on your rugs. Hence, providing you with a clean stain free rug.

Full Proof Cleaning Steps For Long-lasting Rugs 

The results of our rug cleaning treatments are highly appreciated and satisfactory. Moreover, our process focuses on cleaning and maintaining your rug’s look. Furthermore, our rug cleaning process consists of the following steps

  • Inspection 

First, we do a full inspection of the rug to note down what treatment the rug needs.

  • Vacuuming 

Secondly, we always start with dry cleaning of the carpet by vacuuming the whole rug and giving the further process a fresh start.

  • Precise rug cleaning 

After completing the basic dry cleaning we then decide if your rug needs shampooing, mould removal, or deodorisation treatment depending on your rug’s condition and clean it.

  • Drying the rug

If shampoo treatment and steam cleaning are done to your rug then we make sure that we dry out your rug completely to prevent any mould formation in future.

  • Rug Care Tips 

After cleaning the whole rug and getting you the desired results you were looking for, our experts give you proper tips to keep your rug in good condition.

Why Do You Need To Choose Our Rug Cleaning Services In Newport?  

Are you looking for “rug cleaning near me”? Then our rug cleaning Newport team of experts have developed skills and knowledge which are crucial when it comes to providing rug cleaning services. Secondly, with a focus on offering quality services. Here are some advantages of choosing us for your rug cleaning:

  • We provide a range of rug cleaning services and the rug cleaning cost is very affordable.
  • We are licensed and certified rug cleaners.
  • Our services are available for booking 24×7 all days of the week.
  • We offer emergency and same day cleaning services.
  • Our rug cleaning services are available all over Newport and all the suburbs.
  • We use upgraded industry-level technology and provide quality services. 

We also provide same-day curtain cleaningcarpet repair and carpet steam cleaning in Newport at an affordable price.


Which types of rugs do you clean?

We cover all types of rugs, from silk rugs to synthetic, wool, Persian, Indian rugs and many more.

Will puke stain and odour go away from my rug?

Yes. We can remove puke stain and odour with our stain removal and deodorisation treatment. Moreover, the rug cleaning price for stain removal is very pocket-friendly.

Are your services available on weekends in Newport?

Yes, we can clean your rugs on weekends too. Our services are active 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays.