How to make high traffic carpet look new

How to make high traffic carpet look new?

Clean, attractive, and pleasant fragrant carpet is an underappreciated factor in an individual’s livelihood. Their task is simple, just like their simple structure. Carpets are often not even the focal point compared to the room’s decor. We can take a deep dive into how one can take care of their carpets.

How can you keep a carpet that has been walked on for a long time looking new?

There are some widely used ways by which one can enthusiastically bring the carpets back to life. How to make high traffic carpet look new? It is a typical question arising in homeowners’ minds who want to make their carpets look great. Some of the ways are:

Try snipping

Sliding heavy furniture over the carpet is not good for the carpet. Pulling the thread is often seen as a remedy, which is not appropriate in reality. Trimming it with sharp scissors and then snagging it is the best option.

Shaving foam can help sometimes. 

If a stain is spotted, shaving foam can help remove it. Sometimes it’s dirty, foul-smelling, and even torn out. 

Fluff the carpet up

Sprinkle a good amount of water on the carpet and dry it well with a warm hair drier. Allow it to dry properly. 

Get raking 

This is a best-suited and a friendly tool for sure. Rake with metal teeth in the direction opposite to the pile. The new carpet look can be obtained easily. 

Clean stains

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to replace carpets. Cleaning and rinsing it with baking soda can help. It will freshen up the material too. Let the baking soda seep overnight and vacuum out the next day.

Trim snags directly

This process is really quick as it involves just trimming the loose fibres from the carpet. After a certain time, the carpet’s cloth begins to lose its tightness, and the threads start to come out. Trimming out easily is away.

Get rid of foul smells.

The foul smell of a dry, dusty, and old carpet can leave the worst impression ever. No matter how the carpet is, it can create disgust if it is not with a good smell. A strong odour can be prevented using a deodorizer. 

Deep clean with the help of carpet cleaner

It is not a new thing for the carpet’s colour to dull up as soon as the time passes. If one wants to make the changes to make a high traffic carpet look new, deep cleaning is necessary. It can be done with a carpet cleaner of high quality. This technique can prevent the deep dust and smell.

Get rid of indentations caused by furniture.

When the shifting of furniture takes place over the carpet, due to the heaviness of the furniture, the look of the carpet gets messed out. Afterwards, if vacuuming was not enough, try pouring ice cubes to make the sponge easy and fluffy over time. 

Make high traffic carpet look new through easy and quick ways:

Carpet Deodorizers

They help to add a pleasant smell and make the carpet look fresh.

Steam the carpet

Steaming can kill all the possible bacteria and germs free


It will suck out the dust particles or colloids and make the carpet look seemingly beautiful.

Fabric softener

If the carpet has lost its originality, fabric softener can help the fabric be soft for a longer time.


As the fact depicts, there are the appropriate ways by which we can temporarily bring high traffic carpets to look attractively new. It is often asked, and between quality and costs, it is not that easy to replace the carpets each time. For this, the above ways are best suited, and one can choose a better one for their carpet accordingly.